DX-Ball 2

DX-Ball 2

Destroy all the bricks by bouncing a ball into them

Clear out all the bricks and advance to the next level. Make sure that you don't drop the ball and collect power-ups while avoiding the "bonuses" that make the game even harder.

DX-Ball 2 1.25 is an Arkanoid/Ricochet/Breakout clon. You move a paddle, hitting a ball that hits bricks.
As in its predecessors, you have special bricks that, when hit, will liberate special bonuses that you must catch to seize them. This advantages (sometimes disadvantages), are Thru Brick (the ball will go through the bricks), Set Off Exploding (the brick will explode), Fireball, Shooting Paddle (you will be able to open fire), Grab Paddle, Extra Life, Level Warp, Zap Bricks, Slow Ball, Expand Exploding, Kill Paddle, Shrink Ball, Fast Ball, Super Shrink, Falling Bricks, Expand Paddle, Shrink Paddle, Split Ball, Mega Ball and Eight Ball.

You can chose between different scenarios, and even there you can change the background.

The game can be played for up to 4 players, in Normal or Kid Modes of difficulty, with or without music during the game, with sound channels changed or not, in a Window or in Full Screen.

The demo version comes with six board set, each of them made of four boards.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s fast, it has great music


  • The basic idea has been used thousands of times. Some levels are poorly designed
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